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Guitar Solo: Gaining Musical Freedom Of Expression

As with many of the older players who never learned music theory, especially blues, gospel and many rockers, playing a guitar solo was totally finding the sweet spot, then expressing themselves in whatever way they were feeling. Some of the very best music we have today was created this way. Scales and theory gets you to the “correct” notes right away,  but no musical feeling or freedom or expression is provided. The good thing about the first method is that the ear training and freedom of expression are greatly developed. The problem with it is that once a person learns to play this way, they think that they don’t need to learn scales or theory. Players who initially learn music theory, tend to rely on it too much, and many times do not develop the ear and freedom of expression, which can be very frustrating, especially after studying and playing for years. Back in the day, because I knew nothing about theory or scales, I had to HEAR the music before I could play anything that worked with it. I could solo to most anything once I heard it, BUT I HAD TO HEAR IT FIRST!  One day, after years of playing this way, I decided to bite the bullet and sit down to learn music theory. SO GLAD THAT I DID!  Now that I have both the musical expression experience and the knowledge of music theory, I can “hear” the music in my head the moment I’m told what the key or scale is. I know what to do BEFORE I ever hear the music or start to play! So now I can instantly pre-plan my guitar solo! It’s the best of both worlds!

Here is my video on learning to solo without thinking about scales. This tutorial is designed to help you “let go” and to experiment with expressing  yourself and gaining musical freedom. I plan to soon produce a tutorial on how to use BOTH ear and theory concepts TOGETHER to produce amazing results! Thanks for checking out my blog!

How To Play An Electric Guitar Solo Without Even Thinking About Scales  EricBlackmonGuitar YouTube

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My YouTube Tribute Video Tutorial To David Bowie And Freddie Mercury

David Bowie, on of the most inventive musicians and singers in history passed away recently. I felt that a tribute video was in order. While trying to decide which of his songs to do, I realized that he had done a duet with another great singer and musician who has also left us, Freddie Mercury of Queen. The song was “Under Pressure” by Queen featuring David Bowie. While putting it together, a fellow Youtuber contacted me and mentioned a vocal only version of the song on YouTube. I decided to use the audio and play acoustic guitar along with it to create an acoustic version of the song. It was an amazing experience, because it took hours to learn the guitar parts and match them to the vocals. This was very hard to do because without the drums and other instrumentation it was difficult to keep time and stay in sync with the voices. At times it felt like Freddie and David were in the room with me. I hope with all my heart that they might be pleased with my version of “UNDER PRESSURE UNPLUGGED” With Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Eric Blackmon On Guitar. Rest in peace guys.

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Preview YouTube video EricBlackmonMusic YouTube Channel Tutorial Directory Lesson Finder EricBlackmonGuitar

EricBlackmonMusic YouTube Channel Tutorial Directory Lesson Finder EricBlackmonGuitar
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Key Jumping Guitar Solo Tutorial Set! Learn To Solo Through Key Changes!

It is hard enough to learn to play a guitar solo to begin with. It’s even harder for most players to learn to play through music that is constantly changing keys. Well my friend, you have come to the right place. I have put together an easy set of tutorials that will I believe will help anyone who is interested in becoming a better guitar soloist. These videos will also help you to understand the concept of musical keys in general. What have you got to lose? It’s free. All you have to do is give it a shot.  You can’t ask for a better deal than that. If you don’t learn something from this set of tutorials, I will refund all you paid.

Key Jumping Guitar Solo Tutorial Set On YouTube from EricBlackmonMusic

How To Know All The Notes On The Guitar Fret Board

How To Play A Guitar Solo Without EVEN THINKING About Scales


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Mastering The Pentatonic Scale EricBlackmonMusic YouTube Series

The Pentatonic Scale is certainly not the most important scale in guitar playing. That position is held by the MAJOR SCALE.  However, the Pentatonic scale is without a doubt the one most used scale for popular music guitar solos. Therefore, if you want to become a good guitar soloist, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get a good handle on the Pentatonic scale. This YouTube video series is designed to help you to not only play the scale, but also to EASILY UNDERSTAND where it comes from, how it is applied to music, and how to make it work for you! This is an ongoing series, so new posts will be added periodically. This series will help you to learn to modify the Pentatonic scale and to expand it into other scales! Let’s get started learning the Pentatonic scale!

Mastering The Pentatonic Scale  Tutorial Series

How To Know All The Notes On The Guitar Fret Board

How To Play A Guitar Solo Without EVEN THINKING About Scales

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