Welcome to my blog! I’m Eric Blackmon!

Eric Blackmon has played various instruments for 50 years, toured professionally for 40 years and taught music professionally for the last 10. Now he is here to share what he has learned with you. Learn unique musical methods on more than one instrument!

Eric Blackmon is owner and instructor at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center, Greenville South Carolina, USA.

Eric is the creator of YouTube’s MOST FRIENDLY MUSIC TUTORIAL CHANNEL featuring over 1200 music tutorials, lessons & covers from various music genres on various instruments by multi-instrumentalist Eric Blackmon! Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboards, Ukulele,Strum Stick and Congas all played by the same guy! in many styles! EricBlackmonMusic!  https://www.youtube.com/user/EricBlackmonGuitar/videos

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  1. Holy Tshinge Maduha Ncube

    hie Eric..I believe you are the best guitar teacher i have eve come across. .I live in Canada, Vancouver,but originally from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. I am 52 and I have struggled since 2010 to learn bass, electric and acoustic I appreciate these lessons i get on video via email. I wish I could come there..and take private lessons from in South Carolina. i feel like I am getting no where by myself..I was watching and playing along with your video on solos without scales.. its amazing..!!!!!!!
    man you are great.!!!! may God bless your work…


  2. Hello again Eric. I’m new to guitar and am interested to know what would be an affordable lightweight good sounding electric guitar.


    • Take a look at the (Fender)Squier Electric Strat style guitars. Don’t buy the absolute cheapest one though. Look for the step up models, which start at around $199.00 up(new). They are of decent quality. The lowest priced ones ($125-179) are not very good. Thanks for watching my videos!


      • It’s a beautiful guitar, no doubt! A friend of mine has one of those MIM (Made in Mexico) Strats and he loves it. It’s completely up to you, but you should think long and hard about how much money you want to spend at this point in your development. An expert can make a $200 guitar sound like a $600 guitar, but a novice won’t get any more out of a $600 guitar than they can get out of a $200 guitar. Also, you can buy a typical MIM Stat all day for around $500, even less if they go on sale. This special edition looks awesome, but you are paying $200 extra for the paint job. If that’s nothing for you then go for it, but if that’s a lot of money for you, then think about it before you stretch your budget. Besides that, if you get into it you may find that you will also want some other types of guitars real soon, plus some other goodies like pedals and stuff. If you blow your budget on one really cool electric then you may not have the funds to get a decent acoustic for practice, or a travel guitar if you are on the road a lot like I am. I’ve only been playing for about a year, but already I have 3 electrics, 1 acoustic and a travel guitar. The most expensive one I have cost me $300. I love ’em all, and they all make me happy. At my skill level I’m not even close to hitting the limits on any of the guitars I have. When/if I ever do, then I’ll consider shelling out the big money. Buying an expensive guitar is not a short cut for learning to play one. You have to pay your dues and practice, practice, practice. Whatever you decide to get, just stick with it.


      • great points…at this stage I’d make a 100k guitar sound bad 😉

        send along a link to an option I should/could consider. I’m not too concerned about color, just one that has good components and sound (MIM is cool by me; I’ve heard that they produce better quality than most). Thanks for the awesome reply!


  3. Hi. I do not have any tracks for sale, however you can try YouTube red, where you can purchase videos. You may be able to get them in MP3 or MP3 form. Thanks for watching my videos!


  4. Hi Eric,
    Are you familiar with African guitar styles and playing intervals?
    Do you know the music of Prince Nico Mbarga?
    Definitely could use some help figuring out some of the great double stop licks played by Prince Nico’s guitarist Jacob Nguni.
    Thank you for your lessons!



    • Hi Dan! Sorry but I am only familiar with American music styles because of playing in public venues in the US all my life. This is definitely some music that I would like to explore in the future! Thanks for watching!


      • 69 years old and what a blessing it is to view your in depth lessons playing tunes that have eluded me for decades. When I started playing in 1963 there was no internet, Youtube or cell phones. I had to play a record moving the needle 100’s of times to learn a lick.




      • Man! Me too. I wore out a bunch of LP’s doing that! Those days are over! More cool stuff coming, so stay tuned my friend! Thanks so much for watching my videos!


  5. aindre reece-sheerin

    Good morning Mr Blackmon, Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with us. I am writing to ask how I can get permission to use your track in a Poem please? Thanks sincerely in advance – Aindre


  6. Hello Eric. I’ve watched some of your bass tutorials on youtube and it has inspired me to purchase a bass. My one dilemma is, I’m left handed and I am unsure if I want to play left hand or right hand. What should I do?


  7. Hi Eric,
    Just listend to your How to play an Electric guitar solo… and found it most interesting. How can I get hold of your computer background blues ryhtm to make my solo sound better?

    Thanks a lot and hope you´ll have a great day.


  8. Have you ever thought of doing a one week workshop in your hometown?


  9. Eric – I’ve been one your many followers. I’ve finally found the time to fully focus on guitar – that’s what retirement does for ya!! – and I just wanted to say thanks for all the sharing you do on Youtube etc. You taught me Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” with the special touches that late great Teenie Hodges placed on this song. Thanks once again and a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Robert – Leesburg, VA


  10. Hi Eric, just wanted to say many thanks for your generosity in sharing your videos. I’m 52 and have been wanting to learn for years and I’ve just started, Your videos on the Old School 12 Bar Blues are really helping me progress and have great fun. It’s almost an addiction! I also appreciate your advice about a step-up (Fender)Squier Electric Strat style guitar as a good entry point for E Guitar. I’m really looking forward to exploring your other tutorials as I progress. It’s really so generous of you to share your knowledge and help others in this way and it’s much appreciated. Thanks again and all the very best from Switzerland, David

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Phil! Greetings from the USA! It is my pleasure to pass along many of the things that I have learned and am learning everyday about music! I used to ask questions about the very things that I publish, to other musicians( and teachers that I was paying)! They seemed either to not have real answers or were very secretive about what they knew, so I started to do my own research, which is what appears on my YouTube channel. You can’t take it with you, so I have much, much more to share as I have the time, so stay tuned! Thanks so much for watching EricBlackmonMusic Videos! Rock on my friend!


  11. Hi Eric – I really like your Summer Breeze tutorial. I’m pretty clear on the chords now (thanks!), but I struggle getting the strum pattern right. Can you provide any insight or tips? Thanks, Jeff


    • Hi Jeff! The main strumming pattern in that song is 1/8 note strumming with emphasis on D UD U U UD. Hope that helps! I hope to do an updated version of that tutorial in the future with strumming explanations. Thanks for watching!


  12. Hi eric. I am a relative beginner with guitar after having a vision of a family band while watching my 10 year old learn cello. Suddenly i saw us playing shaft with me on rhythm guitar and his cello laying down the bass line. So while i am taking lessons i found you explaining the wah pedal and shaft rhythm. You make it clear, easy to follow, and your videos are inspiring me and make me want to practice. If i ever run into you, would love to take you out for coffee. Thanks!!!


    • It’s a deal! You also might be interested to know that as soon as I can find time in my schedule, I am going to produce an updated more detailed “Shaft” wah tutorial, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching and best wishes to you and family!


  13. Hi Eric. Thanks for being a resource. Do you have any lessons on the modes (for a SC boy)? I love the mixolydian and dorian, as well as the aeolian, but am having a tough time with them. I can’t seem to do anything but run up and down the scales.


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