Welcome to my blog! I’m Eric Blackmon!

Eric Blackmon has played various instruments for over 50 years, toured professionally for 40 years and taught music professionally since 2003. Now he is here to share what he has learned with you. Learn unique musical methods on more than one instrument!

Eric Blackmon is owner and instructor at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center, Greenville South Carolina, USA and content creator for EricBlackmonGuitar YouTube!

Eric is the creator of YouTube’s MOST FRIENDLY MUSIC TUTORIAL CHANNEL featuring over 3000 music tutorials, lessons & covers from various music genres on various instruments by multi-instrumentalist Eric Blackmon! Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboards, Ukulele,Strum Stick and Congas all played by the same guy! in many styles! EricBlackmonMusic!  https://www.youtube.com/user/EricBlackmonGuitar/videos

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  1. Eric, you are the best.


  2. Edward E Pitts

    Hello Eric this is Edward Pitts we went to school together years ago we have a grandson that’s four years old he wants to play drums bass guitar anything he can get his hand on do you think you can help us out


  3. Barrett Phillips

    Good afternoon my friend. I would love to take some intermediate guitar lessons from you. How do I go about getting started?


  4. Hi Barret! I currently only offer lesssons online with YouTube and do not offer online virtual lessons. I offer lessons daily in my studio at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center in Greenville SC. If you are local you may go to my web page eemusiclive.com for more info. Thanks!


  5. alexjandro cologne

    Dear Mr. Blackmon, Many blessings to you sir, you have answered my prayers..
    after 27 years i left the guitar, im going through some really big back and spinal surgeries..i told myself that im gonna pick it back up. The guitar to keep my mind and neuro it tip top shape, and i bought a electric ax and amp, i wanted to learn all acdc songs rhythm , Malcom i really like a lot so, i happen to google how to play these songs…my favorite is back in black..i seen several videos,but when i found yours I was connected. Thank you Jesus, and you Mr, Blackmon, during my healing process you are part of my new life..im so connected to your teachings, you are very kind and your energy helps me to not be nervous and im focused on you and your ways.. I happen to hear your first video after black n black the 3 basics 12 turnaround and my friend ive never been so happy, learning from you. I bless you Mr. Blackmon, im very proud to say and feel your my teacher, i practice every day for at least 2 hours, and you have given me so much joy and confidence..im just a simple guy who is sitting on the top of the world, glory to Jesus and to you Mr. Blackmon…
    best wish’s and many blessings to you sir..
    Alex Cologne


    • So glad to hear from you Alex! This made my day! I pray that my postings help folks like you to escape the many troubles of this world through sharing my love for music! Thanks for hanging out with me on YouTube, and as I say to many of my fans: “If Jesus had not been there for me, I could not be here for you!” God bless you my friend! More to come!


  6. I write music books and am a composer/ improvisational artist…who recently began study of guitar.

    Eric Blackmon’s videos and other teaching materials are the easiest to understand, and most accessible I’ve come across…and I’ve seen most.

    I often advise students…find easy ways to learn…it works best…and you’ll enjoy it more.

    Kudos to Blackmon!!!


    • Hi David! Thanks so much for the kind words. I teach students of all ages in my studio every day, and that is where my approach is developed. I believe that anytime someone doesn’t get it, there must be an easier way that it can’t be explained. And somehow we always find it. I do what I can to convey that belief in my videos. Thanks so much for watching my channel! MORE TO COME!


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