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Here you will find music tutorials & lessons from various music genres on various instruments by multi-instrumentalist Eric Blackmon. Eric has played various instruments for 50 years, toured professionally for 40 years and taught music professionally for the last 10. Now he is here to share what he has learned with you. Learn unique musical methods on more than one instrument in many styles. For access to over 1000 free tutorial, lesson and cover videos follow EricBlackmonGuitar on YouTube.


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  1. I like that that’s kool


  2. Thank you for great tutorials, hope to see more soon… Maybe some bass guitar licks?


  3. You know there are lots of vid tutorials out there. Plus the great Learn and master guitar series. All that aside I have gotten MORE out of Eric’s 10 to 15 minute videos than all the rest put together. Yes, practice is so important and means the real difference between breakthrough and never ever getting it. However, Eric makes it fun to practice and his tips get you actually making MUSIC quickly while you practice. Yes you need the basics and you have to pay your dues but once your comfortable with the fret board Eric can get you making music FAST! God bless you Mr. Blackmon for sharing your considerable knowledge with a bunch of strangers!!


    • Hi Matt! Thanks for the kind comments! You are now my new musical friend! A manager at one of the places that I worked as a salesperson once said to me: “You have never met a stranger, have you”. I said “No”. I accept anyone as a friend if they want to be one! Keep watching the channel, because 2015 is going to be an exciting year for EricBlackmonMusic! Thanks for being part of it! Eric


  4. Would like to see more traditional black gospel quartet style guitar and shout music would be a lot of help love your teaching style and info on more one on one type lessons


    • Hi!
      I will add your request to my list for consideration, however I cannot make any sort of promises concerning requests. My backlog of work is unbelievable and already set for 2015! Because YouTube is a spare time endeavor, it is a reflection of what is being taught at my school. Whatever the students are doing is what winds up on YouTube. Thanks so much for watching my channel! There are over 1200 tutorials on this channel! Please save my directory link in your favorites. It’s updated regularly!!


  5. Would like to get more info on your school i am in North Carolina me and my son play.
    I play lead he plays bass drums and piano do u have number u could email
    Could maybe drive in for some lessons on weekends here and there and maybe some summer longer sessions


    • Hi.
      You can contact me directly through my website .
      I teach daily(Monday through Saturday) at my studio in Greenville SC between the hours of 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Lessons are $60 per hour scheduled whenever time is available outside of daily classes.


  6. Eric Blachmon
    Thanks for making it very very easy to understand ,I play by ear to how it sounds,
    now able to see the fretboard with your chord lessons ,trying to learn some
    Lighting Hopkins , like New York Boogie ,man He was way ahead of his time,
    so me the way,



  7. Eric,
    I really enjoy your tutorials. I don’t live too far from Greenville. I’d love to come down and jam sometime. Keep up the good work.
    Your Friend From Rutherfordton, NC,


  8. Eric: Thanks !!! Great website and tutorials.


    • Awesome! Thanks for watching my stuff Ray! EricBlackmonMusic features over 1450 tutorials! Saving my directory in your favorites will make it easy for you to find lessons you like! It’s updated regularly! Keep Rockin’!


  9. HI Eric,

    and greets from Germany. I restarted guitar playing after 30 years. And your tutorials made it easy to me. I saw a lot of stuff on the internet, but i like the way you teach it. Keep on rocking and all the best to you.


    • That is great to hear! Greetings from the US! Thanks for watching my stuff Andreas! EricBlackmonMusic features over 1500 tutorials so far! Saving my directory in your favorites will make it easy for you to find lessons you like! It’s updated regularly!

      To find specific artists, genres or instrument YouTube tutorials type ” ericblackmonmusic rock” or ericblackmonmusic jazz” or “ericblackmonmusic scales” ericblackmonmusic Led Zeppelin” or whatever you are looking for in the YouTube search box to find tutorials! Keep rocking!


  10. I use to be a guitar player but was in a motorcycle accident mess my hand all up just can’t play guitar any more but in the hospital I met this nurse who turn me on to the ukulele and started to fool around with it,found out thar I could play that little thing I think it’s because everything is smaller and closer together .now I wa s watching videos on YouTube and ran across you doing this just wicket blues thing on the ukulele I was wondering if you have tabs or a chord chart or video lesson on playing that sweet sound call the blues G McCarthy


  11. Germán Flores

    I just tried the first 12 bar Lessons, they are good and easy. Thanks. Keep up the good work.


  12. Eric love tutorials but have you ever recorded the blues would love some cds or music to download


  13. ellis hartridge

    i was turned on to you by my brother o my god for you . have you ever tried doing birdman by tim thompson weather report cover


  14. Great Tut’s, but I am trying to learn how to play ” praise is what I do” can you help me?


  15. Manuel Morales

    Eric can you a lesson a song but a group name SAPO, song called My Girl


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