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A Bass Lesson From One Of The Most Underrated Bands!

One Thing Leads To Another By The Fixx

Bass lesson and play through cover links below!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’m not Irish, but in celebration of the day I have posted a cover of top Irish band U2!

” ONE” released in 1991. A detailed tutorial will follow soon!

EricBlackmonGuitar BASS LESSON FEST!

I have just posted several amazing bass guitar lessons on EricBlackmonGuitar YouTube! Below you will find links to covers for the lessons. If you like the cover, there will be a link in the video description to a detailed tutorial! Thanks for watching!

Get 2023 Started Off Right With Some EASY BLUES!

Here is one of my easy blues tutorials that will get ANYONE playing a little old school blues! Check it out!

My Tribute To The Late JEFF BECK

Jeff Beck was one of the greatest electric guitarists who ever lived in my humble opinion. I learned so much from watching his performances over the years, which is reflected in my style of guitar playing to this day. I recently posted a YouTube video as a tribute to this man who had such a great impact on my musical life. You will find it using the link below.


How Does A Basic Chord Change Into When You Move It Up The Guitar Neck?

That’s a very good question! How about we find out by taking a look at Eric’s CHORDS UP THE GUITAR NECK PLAYLIST!

Use the link to watch tutorials covering a number of basic chord shapes and what they become when they are moved up the guitar neck. Build and an amazing chord library using the basic chords we all know and love! Just point and click the link below!

This Scale Changed My Life!

No kidding. This scale changed my mind about improvisation with the minor pentatonic scale!

Watch my latest video to see why and how. And by the way, HAPPY 2023!


Now in the works! A tutorial for the hit song by the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS that was no.1 on the charts for 15 weeks in 1994!

INTERSTATE LOVE SONG! EricBlackmonGuitar will feature a detailed YouTube tutorial on this song in the next few days! Here is the play through cover for you to check out now! Thanks for watching EricBlackmonGuitar YouTube!

FINALLY! A YouTube lesson for the jazz piano solo in the tune Linus And Lucy by Vince Guaraldi from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!

This one took a while to learn, but finally the lesson has been posted on EricBlackmonGuitar YouTube! There is not another tutorial on ALL OF YOUTUBE featuring this part of the song! Check it out! Use the link below! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


My students at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center perform Christmas songs just for you! ENJOY!