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How I Learned To Play Solo Guitar Without A Teacher And NO HELP

When I was a kid, the first thing I wanted to do on guitar was PLAY A SOLO. I was listening to artists like Booker T. & The MG’s, The Ventures, Dick Dale and others that featured up front guitar leads. I had no one around to help in this so I had to fend for myself. The video that I have posted on YouTube explains exactly how I went about going from knowing nothing about the subject to being able to play lead guitar in a band in just a few months without help from anyone. Use the link below to check it out!

How To Play Solo Guitar When You Don’t Have A Clue

How To Play An Electric Guitar Solo Without Even Thinking About Scales

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NEW For 2015! The EricBlackmonMusic Tonal Logic Channel On YouTube!

NEW  FOR 2015!

It’s time for expansion of the EricBlackmonMusic YouTube presence! There’s lots of song tutorial channels on YouTube, including EricBlackmonGuitar, so I thought that it was time for a channel in the EricBlackmonMusic Channel Group that was totally dedicated to the HOW TO’s of music. Not how to play any song. But  how to play in general. The TIPS. The TRICKS. The WHYS. The HOWS. The EricBlackmonMusic Tonal Logic Channel will be dedicated to explaining things, with simple, easy understandable explanations that ANYONE can comprehend! It’s gonna be a fun year! Thanks for watching the EricBlackmonMusic Channels!


EricBlackmonMusic Tonal Logic




The Realist2

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