Learn To Solo On Guitar Like The Greats!

I have recently posted a PLAYLIST of YouTube Tutorials which feature How To Play lessons of guitar solos by many great rock and blues artists like B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, Brian May, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ernie Isley, Chuck Berry and many more!

This playlist will be updated regularly, so save it in your favorites to automatically get new posts! Use the links below to start learning a bunch of famous guitar solos by famous rock and blues artists right away!

EricBlackmonMusic Master Guitarists Guitar Solo YouTube Tutorial Lesson Playlist

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About ericblackmonmusic

Eric Blackmon plays multiple musical instruments and teaches music on those instruments daily at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center in Greenville South Carolina. Eric Blackmon is a YouTube content Creator who posts lessons on these instruments weekly on several YouTube channels including EricBlackmonGuitar which now has over 414,000 subscribers.

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  1. I’m a guitar teacher also.

    Did you set up accounts with these merchants so that if people click these links and buy stuff you get a kick back?

    If so how did you so that?



    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Great teachings,I’m in my early 50’s and so pleased and satisfied to be be a FINALLY, the sweetness of Old Shop 12bars blues, shuffle and other playing styles, God bless you much Eric, keep up the great job!


  3. I’m in my early 50s and I’m very pleased and satisfied to FINALLY learn to play the sweetness of Old school 12 bars blues, shuffle, gospel and other playing styles! Great teachings Eric! God bless you much keep up the great job!


  4. This is a great collection -bookmarked!


  5. Hey Eric,

    I have been playing the guitar since the 80’s, but you were the first guy to really set down and explain the scales in a SLOW, CLEAR and CONCISE manner. Plus the fact that you act as if you have patience for your students is really appreciated.

    I will be clicking your referral links now that I know about them.

    Thank you!

    Nate from Atlanta


    • You are very welcome Nate! I sit with students every day and know how important it is to give them a chance to grasp the information. I try to reflect that in my videos. I am working very hard to make them as understandable as possible. I want people to PLAY! Thanks so much for watching my videos and enjoying them. It makes my day! Rock on my friend, for there is much, much more to come! PEACE.


      • Hey Eric, I really loved your vids on how to play the E minor and A Minor Pentatonic scales all the way up the neck. Very useful! Do you have a vid that shows how to transpose that to other keys?

        Thanks again!



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