Learn To Play Old School Blues Guitar With The Easiest Lessons Ever!

Learn To Play Old School Blues On Guitar with the easiest lessons ever from EricBlackmonMusic!

The EricBlackmonMusic Old School Blues Guitar Lesson Series offers unbelievably easy ways to get into playing old style blues on guitar right away. Detailed instruction with easy explanations and examples by Eric Blackmon make it possible! Check out and work through this tutorial set to get playing some blues! New posts are added each month, so subscribe to prevent missing even one of them. EricBlackmonMusic. Your easy gateway to the blues! Also check out my Blues Pinterest Page! Thanks for following the EricBlackmonMusic Blog!

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Great Guitars For Beginners:
Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: http://go.magik.ly/r/ericblackmonmusic/901c/
Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar: http://go.magik.ly/r/ericblackmonmusic/901d/
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Starter Pack: http://go.magik.ly/r/ericblackmonmusic/901e/

About ericblackmonmusic

Eric Blackmon plays multiple musical instruments and teaches music on those instruments daily at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center in Greenville South Carolina. Eric Blackmon is a YouTube content Creator who posts lessons on these instruments weekly on several YouTube channels including EricBlackmonGuitar which now has over 367,000 subscribers.

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  1. for a beginner of blues your # 1 COURSE was very enjoyable


  2. Your teaching is bomb, I’ve bought other blues material and nothing compares with ur YouTube teaching


  3. really liked your blues solo lessons any more links where i can find songs like that without playing chords


  4. yes sir, I am shopping for a guitar to learn on. I noticed your custom pick- ups close to the bottom of the fret board. I have found a Strat with them located near the String clip (?)


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