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Eric Blackmon plays multiple musical instruments and teaches music on those instruments daily at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center in Greenville South Carolina. Eric Blackmon is a YouTube content Creator who posts lessons on these instruments weekly on several YouTube channels including EricBlackmonGuitar which now has over 414,000 subscribers.

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    Support EricBlackmonMusic by shopping with my favorite vendors!


  2. I love your YouTube..
    I’m 63 years old.
    I just bought a bass guitar.
    I’ve never touched an instrument before this.
    I’m having trouble keeping me left hand fingers
    Close to the strings..
    Suggestion please?
    Thank you and peace


    • This might help. I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again to my students, no matter how young or old. SLOW DOWN.
      When you attempt to play, place your finger on each note or on each chord slowly and carefully, and analyze every movement. This will develop your technique. When your technique improves, accuracy and efficiency will improve your speed. 1. Go slow. 2.Be accurate. 3. Speed will increase as steps 1 & 2 get better. Good luck with your music!


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