EricBlackmonMusic Giveaways!!!

It’s ON!

EricBlackmonMusic has now started to use MUSIC GIVEAWAYS in order to promote viewership and support for the channel! In the coming months, cool music items including GUITARS will be given away monthly! Because of their shipping weight, guitars will only be available to U.S. residents, but light weight items like tuners, guitar strings, picks etc. will be given away and shipped to anywhere in the world that USPS delivers. Winners will be announced in YouTube videos at the end of each drawing.

Subscribe NOW or check the channel regularly for chances to win very cool music items!

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About ericblackmonmusic

Eric Blackmon plays multiple musical instruments and teaches music on those instruments daily at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center in Greenville South Carolina. Eric Blackmon is a YouTube content Creator who posts lessons on these instruments weekly on several YouTube channels including EricBlackmonGuitar which now has over 414,000 subscribers.

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  1. Your site is my single favorite guitar learning resource on the internet. I just learned to play guitar last summer and furthered my training with your great videos. With your videos, I gained the confidence to teach a room full of girls how to play your easy E blues at a workshop a few weeks ago. Then I taught the same thing to my guitar ensemble and we played it for a whole gym full of appreciative parents: the school’s first time to have a guitar posse & we knocked it out of the park. Giveaways are great, but your wisdom and skill as a teacher are priceless!


    • That is such an awesome story! This kind of thing is exactly why I do what I do! I want the joy of music to spread like wildfire! I get offers all the time from people who want me to get involved in their projects for profit or stardom. Those days are over for me. I am doing what I love and sharing it with others, which in my mind means so much more! Tell the kids in the program that I am personally proud of them for what they are doing musically and that I have much love in my heart for them! Thanks so much for sharing this! Best wishes! Eric


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