What’s In YOUR Garage? The Garage Fender Telecaster

On the evening of September 24th 2014, I was in my garage throwing out anything that had not been used for a while. My wife had been nagging me about clearing it out, because we needed the space. After filling over 20-55 gallon trash bags with stuff that we no longer needed or wanted, I spotted an old mildew-covered guitar case over in the far corner of the garage under some other items. I pulled it out, thinking it surely must be an empty, and that I had just left it out there years ago. I was very surprised to find that the case was heavy, as if there might be something in it. I opened it up to find that there was a guitar in it! And it was not just ANY guitar! It was a Japanese made 1989 Fender Butterscotch Telecaster! My mind was blown! I don’t remember ever leaving this guitar out in the garage. I don’t ever remember buying it! I had to have been out there since my wife and I stopped performing in 2001. We stored a lot of our old music gear out in the garage for a while. I thought that we had long since cleared it all out! This Tele did not look too bad, but it needed a lot of work. The controls were frozen with corrosion. Many of the screws were rusty. Mildew was all over it. I plugged it in, and it would not play. I took it to my studio and set up a work table and took it apart. I removed the strings, removed most of the parts from the body and cleaned off all the mildew. I took apart the controls, cleaned and lubricated them. Then I re-soldered many of the solder contacts. Next, I carefully re-assembled it. Once I got it back together, restrung and set up, it was beautiful! Next, I plugged it in for a test run. This guitar sounded good on every genre of music that I played with it! It also has an easy feel, and fingering on it is a dream! Please check out the YouTube video that I produced on it. The Garage Tele, or What’s In YOUR Garage???! Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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