How To Play A Guitar Solo Without EVEN THINKING About Scales! Band In A Box

The Best Guitar Solo Tutorial You NEVER SAW!

I used to think that playing a guitar solo was hard! For 40 years I thought that!!!

Now I know better. And I won’t try to explain it in some super-music theoretical way that you may never understand(if it didn’t bore you to death first)! Playing a guitar solo is easy only if you can find the desired notes without a lot of thought. This frees your mind to concentrate on the creativity that automatically happens when you experience the joy of playing! I have nothing against music theory, because without it I could not have come up with this guitar solo concept in the first place! I worked very hard at learning music theory for years, and one day God said “Good job son, now here’s a gift for you”! It was a gift to me, so now it is my turn to share it with you. Use the link below to have your musical life changed forever! Mine was! Gotta grab my Stratocaster! Thanks for checking out my blog!! Band In A Box backing tracks links are in the video!

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Testimonials (What folks had to say about this video)

 Geoff Grande
Mr Eric Blackmon, Sir, I don’t know where you ‘ dropped in from ‘, but…., !!! NO, Let Me Re-Phrase that !!!!!, I don’t know Which ‘ Rock ‘ I’ve been Hiding under :- (  !  I just now, (Today for crying out loud), discovered you and your Great Channel!
You are truly an Awesome teacher my friend, and I am Honoured and Blessed to have found you. This is Definitely going to give New Meaning and Direction to my desire to continue playing and advancing.
For years I’ve felt like I’ve been stagnant with my playing,and it was like I was going  ‘nowhere fast.’  Your channel and it’s numerous well done tutorials will change that, of this I’m sure.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to providing us with your knowledge and musical insight.
Gary Mitchell
That has to be the most informative stuff I’ve ever seen about soloing- keeping it simple yet effective.  Thanks man- I’ll try this out and be following ya!!
Rolando Labuena
Fantastic my fellow guitarist ! Sure wish I had this video back in the 60’s  when I  started learning guitar! 🙂
This instructor can really kick off a beginner’s journey into the world of guitar so quickly! Grab the opportunity people!
James Francisco
That was the most amazing and helpful guitar technique I’ve seen yet.  Awesome music and I can visualize the concept.  Great stuff!  Thanks!
Dave Shaw
Although I am into rock and blues, this is the absolute best guitar solo video I have ever seen. I have learned so much to help my practice and salute you Eric.
I can play! Now I can play !! Thanks!
ERIC;   I’ve BEEN PLAYING GUITAR FOR 30 YEARS,LISTENED TO all kinds Of lessons from SELF PROFFESSED “MASTER PLAYERS , 😛 ” , I happened on your Video and ,let Me Tell you,YOU ARE THE FIRST GUITAR INSTRUCTOR I WISH I’D HAD From The BEGINNING ! You Break Everything down So Simply,and TURN It INTO An almost “MAGICAL” Play Guitar Like a PRO Lesson THAT Is EASY to REMEMBER and Play, BUT SOUNDS SO GOOD! I always thought JAZZ was for the either REALLY GIFTED or HIGHLY MUSICALLY EDUCATED Musicians,…You Probably Are,BUT,YOU Make something that SOUNDS SO INTRICATE and DIFFICULT, Into Something So EASY,COOL and FUN to PLAY!!

I’ve been playing Blues,Rock most of my life,but ALWAYS Stayed away from jazz because It Seemed like it was WAY TOO FAR OVER MY HEAD,… You really TAUGHT an Old Dog NEW TRICKS TODAY!   I just Subscribed to Your Channel and can’t WAIT to see what other Stuff I’ve been MISSING OUT ON ALL THIS TIME because I thought since I Couldn’t Read Music,Didn’t know a Pentatonic Scale from a GIN and TONIC, Watching Your video was Pretty amazing and I’m GLAD I Found you !!        THANKS ERIC!!

Jude Bonham        Well Eric…..there it is. And it came from you, man! You may have just re-opened the door that i had closed years ago. Love hearing the blues, and always ways wanted to play it, but just gave up on it. First lesson I ever took, dude showed me two scales to memorize, and they were hard as hell for me to play and I gave up on it. But my interest has been renewed!! Thanks for this awesome video. Going to watch any others you may have and watch this one over and over. – Jude

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    How To Play A Guitar Solo Without Even THINKING About Scales! YouTube’s BEST How To Solo On Guitar Tutorial!


    • Awesome! But guess what? You are going to an ONLINE MUSIC SCHOOL right now. Everything I teach on YouTube comes out of my daily classes at EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center! Folks pay for this stuff every day, but you get it on YouTube for FREE! What a deal! Thanks so much for watching my channel and ROCK ON! Search YouTube for “ericblackmonmusic guitar tutorial directory” to find exactly what you are looking for on the channel!


  2. Mathaio Moalosane

    its cute and makes it a lot easier for some of us who did not go to school of music


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